Vistabella Presbyterian Primary

Vistabella Presbyterian Primary

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  • Address: Cor. Pointe-a- Pierre Road and Cane Street, Vistabella
  • Contact Information: Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Population: 475 Students
  • Date Established: 1889
  • Our Mission:
    To provide an all- round education for every child in a healthy environment conducive to learning: to nurture individuality and emotional security: to expose all students to positive attitudes, moral and spiritual values and to enable them to acquire all skills necessary for the development and enrichment of their personalities so that they can live a meaningful life in society as responsible citizens.
  • Message From Principal:



    The Principal & Staff of the Vistabella Presbyterian School cordially extend a warm welcome to you. This educational institution was established in 1889 and in its one hundred and twenty seven years of existence has provided a sound training ground for many citizens of our country.

    Our statuesque building is strategically perched on the corner of Cane Street and Pointe-a- Pierre Road and serves as a distinct landmark in the community.

    This school is not just the building but the people who walk its corridors. The staff, teaching and non-teaching as well as our students are the life-wire of   this establishment. Indeed, I refer to our population as the `family of Vistabella` and as a family we work together for our continuous progress.

    This collaborative approach fosters the community spirit of the school and enhances the experiences of its members. It provides children with valuable modelling of positive social relations-sharing interests and joyful occasions, supporting those in need, mentoring , building friendships , celebrating cultural differences and enjoying similarities, resolving conflict peacefully , acknowledging effort and applauding accomplishments.

    Our approach to fulfilling our motto is a multi- faceted one which   seeks to encourage our charges to aim for the highest possible standard. In this quest we always work towards realizing our motto: `In All Things Excellence`.

  • History of School:


    Bounded by the intersection of Presbyterian School, an enduring landmark in the community in unmistakable blue, celebrating over a century of faithful and dedicated service.

    Established in July 1889, by Canadian missionary, Rev. Dr. Kenneth Grant, it was initially called the Vista Bella Canadian Mission Coolie School. It catered to the needs of the children of the erstwhile prosperous sugar cane estate.

    The school has been rebuilt twice, in the 1920’s and 1960’s.

    During 1967-1968 the Vista Bella Presbyterian School was temporarily relocated while the present structure was under construction. On Monday, 6th January, 1969, upon completion the students returned home and occupied the new two- storey concrete structure, designed to accommodate four hundred and ninety- two (492) pupils.

    The former wooden structure was built in the 1920’s. Prominent features of the physical environment included fruit trees that undoubted served as alternative setting for classroom activities. The school bell was strategically located at the front of the building, facing Cane Street, and was used not merely to hasten up tardy students to their lessons but the pious to worship on Sundays and to ring in the New Year.

    To date the high ideals of good discipline, equipping students with lifelong values and morals, a strong academic base and an assured bonding with the community dictate the ethics of Vistabella Presbyterian School. Thus, it is our mission to conquer all by hard, relentless labour and to remain a fine institution of our Primary Schools’ Board and also the Ministry of Education.

    It should also be noted that the school was used for worship of the Vista Bella Presbyterian Church for many years until its construction on Sinanan Street in 1984.

    Presently, the church and school are affiliated to the Susamachar Pastoral Region which is part of the Presbyterian Church of Trinidad and Tobago.


  • Additional School Info:


    Vision statement: To become the model learning institution in our community by producing law- abiding and critical thinking students.

    Mission Statement: In All Things Excellence