Balmain Presbyterian Primary

Balmain Presbyterian Primary

Additional Info

  • Principal: Mrs. Charissa Niffikeer-Sobie
  • Address: Manse Street, Balmain Village, Couva
  • Contact Information: Phone: 636-1023; Fax: 679-7048; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Population: 356 Students
  • Date Established: Early 1900's
  • Our Mission:
    To provide an education using a holistic approach for all pupils to acquire the necessary knowledge skills and to inculcate attitudes and values to successfully fulfil their roles in society
  • Message From Principal:


    Dear Parents and Friends,

    Welcome to Balmain Presbyterian Primary School. Each year, we strive to improve our ever changing program and, we are proud of our successes. We look forward to another exciting and productive school year. As in the past, our focus is to exceed our previous years’ accomplishments in all academic subjects. This goal can be achieved with your continued support. We value your input and look forward to a quality home-school working relationship to grow and build upon our successes.
    We continue to incorporate more academic rigor into our instructional program. We hope to increase the API Index and S.E.A. run dates. We believe all students will learn. When students learn in a safe and nurturing environment, they strive to attain exceptionally high levels of academic achievement. Each year, we recognize more and more students for their academic achievements. Our focus is on learning and sending our students to secondary school well prepared for their next level of academic success.

    Our student body is diverse, and we applaud the many different cultural backgrounds and varying academic levels we serve. We continually focus on giving each student the opportunities to meet with success in all of his/her academic and personal endeavours at our school.
    As we know, there are many issues that may present themselves to our children in their everyday living. We, as parents and educators, work to protect our children and students, but we must also teach them how to successfully approach stressful situations that may arise at school, home or a social setting. Parents and educators must work together to educate the children on topics such as stress, peer pressure and bullying. Our children know right from wrong; we need to encourage them to go with their feelings about a situation and not succumb to peer pressure. Keeping the lines of communication open is essential to a child’s success. We all need to listen to what they are saying. We are the role models for our students. Leading by example and supporting the students is essential. Parents and students are encouraged to support Balmain Presbyterian School’s "Code of Conduct". With everyone’s support and compliance with the guidelines established, our students and teachers will be able to work in an environment that encourages learning and academic growth. Our efforts to ensure a safe learning environment for our students have resulted in a low number of discipline referrals each year. We thank you for your support and effort to ensure our students’ safety and well-being.

    Each day, we welcome our students to participate in another day of quality learning. In order to maximize on our instructional program, we ask that all parents wishing to visit the teacher do so between 2:30p.m. and 2:55p.m. daily. To teach the child to be independent and responsible we request students be dropped off at the gate.   
    Thanks to the Synod and the Presbyterian Primary Board of Education, parents are permitted to park at a designated area on the Manse’s Property. Parking is not permitted on the pavements. All vehicles entering between the hours of 7:00a.m. and 9:00a.m. as well as 2:00p.m. must do so from the Manse Street, in a southern direction and then westerly. The roads are one way during the stated times.   Please follow the designated drop-off/pick-up procedures to ensure our students’ safety. Blocking the gates are not permitted. For safety purposes, all visitors must sign by the Security Booth and Principal’s Office, where you will be guided accordingly. Always keep in your possession your Identification Card or Drivers Permit.
    We are looking forward to a wonderful year at Balmain Presbyterian School. It takes a cohesive, well-tuned team to be successful. Let’s make this the best year ever, by working together for our students!

    Charissa Niffikeer-Sobie

  • History of School:


    Balmain Presbyterian Primary School was established under the Canadian Mission. The most recent structure was created in 2011. The school is built with individual classrooms. Rooms 7, 8 & 9 have blinds that can be opened. At present the school plant is built to accommodate 360 students.

  • Additional School Info:



    Vision Statement: To be a pacesetter in the overall maximum development of the individual potentialities thereby facilitating his / her achievements of personal goals and the fulfilment of obligations in society.