Siparia Road Presbyterian Primary

Siparia Road Presbyterian Primary

Additional Info

  • Principal: Mr. Lyndon Boodoo
  • Address: Thick Village, Siparia Road
  • Contact Information: Phone: 649-1425; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Population: Student Population: 93; Teaching Staff: 8
  • Date Established: 1897
  • Our Mission:
    1. To educate and develop children who are able to fulfill their full potential. 2. To develop students who are academically balanced, well-adjusted socially, culturally and are happy. 3. To improve curriculum delivery and implementation through effective staff development programs and constant monitoring and evaluations of educational practices. 4. To upgrade the school’s physical plant to accommodate student population and to facilitate a more conducive teaching/learning environment. 5. To develop linkages with all key stakeholders that can assist the school. 6. To encourage teamwork, collaboration and consensus in decision making. 7. To develop and monitor strong religious and spiritual values among students and foster mutual religious respect in our multi-religious society
  • Message From Principal:


    principalWelcome to the Siparia Road Presbyterian School.

    Our aim is to prepare each student with the lifelong skills, attitudes and values required to live happy and successful lives.

    We recognize the important roles of the home, community and the school in achieving this goal. The contributions and inputs of these three institutions are crucial in the development of the child and in determining how functional or dysfunctional the society becomes.

    In our school, we aim to provide the very best education for our children. In doing this we recognize that each child is different and is shaped by different circumstances and environment. Each child is important and can learn and acquire the right skills and attitudes to lead successful lives. Our challenge is to unearth the latent talents that exist in each student.
    We will create the right environment for these talents to blossom.
    We will promote and encourage a passion for learning.
    We will encourage our students to always strive for excellence in all their endeavours.
    We will instill in our students the correct moral and spiritual values while recognizing the multi cultural and religious nature of our society.

    Our school aims through our development plan to promote the holistic development of each student as we strive to create better human beings who would contribute in a meaningful way to the development of their communities and the country as a whole. We believe that quality education must address current issues and prepare students to behave with honesty, integrity and discipline as they enter the world of work and live in society.

  • History of School:


    The Siparia Road Presbyterian School was established in 1897. Our first Principal Mr. Charles Benjamin along with a staff of 4 teachers and 116 male pupils were housed in a small wooden structure. The school attendance grew over the years to 200 in 1910 and over 400 in 1917 with the inclusion of female students.

    The school was established as a Canadian Mission Indian school however in 1915 it was changed to Canadian Mission School with the inclusion of other ethnicities on staff. Due to the influx of students in those days the original wooden structure was replaced by concrete and wood. Additionally the introduction and subsequent upgrades in water, toilet facilities and electricity were also facilitated.

    A dedicated library building on the compound was established in 2011, this building also houses the principal’s office. A pan room was completed in 2013.  By 2011 the school student population had dwindled to 52 students but have steadily grown to 93 students in 2015. Siparia Road Presbyterian School are the National winners of the Republic Bank Agricultural Science competitions 2012 & 2013.

  • Additional School Info:


    Motto: Work to Succeed

    Vision: By the year 2017, the Siparia Road Presbyterian School will be an institution where there will be opportunities in education for its students to achieve excellence in all areas of school life and produce individuals who will discover, develop and capitalize on their potential academically, physically, spiritually, socially and aesthetically, and equip them with values and skills that will make them productive members of the global society.

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