Rousillac Presbyterian Primary

Rousillac Presbyterian Primary

Additional Info

  • Principal: Mr. Keith Sankar
  • Address: 515-517 Southern Main Road Rousillac
  • Population: Student Population: 230 ; Teaching Staff: 14
  • Our Mission:
    The Rousillac Presbyterian School will strive to provide a climate of collaboration with all stakeholders to enhance the intellectual, social, spiritual, moral and physical development of pupils which will impact on lifelong learning so that all may experience success.
  • Message From Principal:


    principalWelcome to the Rousillac Presbyterian School the last Presbyterian school on the Southern Main Road to Icacos, the southernmost point of the south western peninsula of Trinidad and Tobago. We boast of being one of the better performing schools in the St. Patrick Education District.

    The Rousillac Presbyterian School strives to provide a holistic education for all our pupils. Our pupils participate in Sporting activities, Youth Red Cross, 4- H Club, Weekly Physical Education, Art and Craft, Agricultural Science and Cub Scouts while maintaining a sound academic foundation.





  • History of School:


    The Rousillac Presbyterian School was established shortly after the founding of the Rousillac Presbyterian Church in 1878 by the Canadian Missionary. It was built to educate the children of the East Indian indentured immigrants of the surrounding agricultural communities. The school was originally a one story structure built to accommodate 150 pupils. With an increase in the population, the school was extended into a two story wooden and concrete structure. This structure served the community for many decades.

    With much use over the years, the structure eventually became unstable and was eventually condemned. In September 2005 the school was transferred to the Rousillac Community Facility under the leadership of the then principal Mr. Gabriel Kokaram. In 2009 a new pre-engineered structure consisting of two main structures was built to accommodate 250 pupils and in January 2010 students and staff moved into the new school.

  • Additional School Info:


    Vision: To become a model school which will provide excellence in education, thereby molding well rounded citizens who will impact positively in the community, country and global society.

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