Esperanza Presbyterian Primary

Esperanza Presbyterian Primary

Additional Info

  • Principal: Mrs. Wendy Christine Gajadhar
  • Address: Railway Road Dow Village, California
  • Contact Information: Telephone: 679-6386; Fax: 679-6386; Email:
  • Population: Student Population: 281; Teaching Staff: 10
  • Date Established: 1871
  • Our Mission:
    The staff of Esperanza Presbyterian School is committed to the inclusion of all the stakeholders in the holistic development of the child. Through all aspects of the curriculum in a safe and caring environment. This would enable the child to contribute to the enhancement of the society.
  • Message From Principal:


    principalA special welcome from the Principal and Staff of the Esperanza Presbyterian School family to all. As we start a new academic year, we hope to forge stronger relationships with all parents and stakeholders of the community. All members of staff and I are committed to uphold the Ministry of Education’s thrust towards “Excellence in Education.” All parents, guardians and well- wishers are invited to work with us in all our projects and we look forward to your involvement and commitment towards making these events a success. Let me take this opportunity to express my heartfelt gratitude to our members of staff, parents, pupils, well-wishers and our business community for their tremendous support. I also commend the Primary Schools’ Presbyterian Board of Education for their vision to develop modern day systems of communication for our schools. May God bless you all.

    Wendy Gajadhar

  • History of School:


    Esperanza Presbyterian School is located at Hosein Street, Dow Village, California and was established in 1871. The school is situated in close proximity to the Point Lisas Industrial Estate. It is an outstanding educational institution which has provided an all-round education for thousands of persons in the community. Esperanza Presbyterian School was one of the first schools built by the early pioneers and missionaries and was rebuilt in 1957. The physical design of the school is basically I- Shaped. Our school houses twelve classrooms, a library, stock room, computer lab and an office. Our students come from varying cultural and socio-economic backgrounds. The curriculum is adapted to suit the varying abilities of the students and caters to their diverse learning needs. Presently we have an enrolment of two hundred and eighty- one pupils (281) which is above the designed capacity of two hundred and fifty (250) students.

  • Additional School Info:


    School Motto: Knowledge is Power

    Vision Statement: By the year 2017, Esperanza Presbyterian School will be an oasis producing responsible, productive, creative and autonomous individuals  who will display high moral standards and spiritual values

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