Picton Presbyterian Primary

Picton Presbyterian Primary

Additional Info

  • Principal: MR. ROGER RAMLAKHAN
  • Address: Papouri Road Diamond Village, San Fernando
  • Contact Information: Phone: 652-863
  • Population: Student Population: 241; Teaching Staff: 15
  • Date Established: 1930
  • Our Mission:
    At the Picton Presbyterian School we are dedicated to achieving a professional and committed staff working in alliance with stakeholders within a safe environment to: • Develop critical thinkers through effective teaching / learning experiences. • Nurture positive morals and values and • Implement all areas of the curriculum to maximize each child’s potential.
  • Message From Principal:


    principalWe are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment to ensure individual success through:

    P- Punctuality
    K-  Kindness
    N-  Nurturing
    C-  Consistency   
    O- Objectivity
    T-  Tenacity 
    W- Wisdom
    L- Literacy












  • History of School:


    Picton Canadian Mission (C.M.) School came into being in a small wooden building in 1881 in the East Indian Settlement of the Picton Sugar Estate. Very few pupils attended in the early days as parents were hesitant to send their children, especially girls to school. Through the dedicated perseverance of the locally trained and under the supervision of Dr. K.J. Grant, pupils were encouraged and the numbers soon increased. In 1930 the old wooden building which was located at Diamond Junction was broken down and the school was shifted to its present site.

    In the early years people came from Transfer, Debe, Monkey Town, Diamond and Esperance. At one time the enrollment was over 600, but with the construction of the Monkey Town Government, Debe Presbyterian and Debe Hindu Schools numbers dropped drastically. In 1992, the old school building that served the needs of the various communities was demolished and a new structured erected. Our immediate catchment areas are Diamond Village, Harrypaul Village, Wellington Road, Raghoo Village, Up to Esperance Junction and up to Papourie Road Junction. With the advent of the new housing schemes that border the school this may eventually change in the near future. The current enrollment is 241 pupils with 14 members of the academic staff.

    During the past decades some of the principals who served with astute distinction were, Mr. Ramoutar, Mr. Ramkhelewan, Mr. Harry Dwarika, Mr. Winifred Ramkerrisingh, Mr. Harry Seepersad, Mr. Stephen Ragoobar, Mr. Sylvester Diljohn, Ms. Nina Bhajan, Ms. Carla Johnnatty, Mr. Ramdharie Latchmansingh, Mr. Timmothy Beepat and Mr. Robert Mahabir. The current principal is Mr. Roger Ramlakhan.

    Over the years the school has produced outstanding scholars who now occupy prestigious positions in Trinidad and Tobago and other parts of the world. Among them are the Rev. Winston Gopaul, Rev. Clifton Mathura, the former Attorney general – Mr. Ramesh Lawrence Maharaj and Mr. Lennox Sirjusingh.

    Diamond Village and its environs can be justly proud of the Picton Presbyterian School, the partnership that existed between the church and the school over a century ago.

    Our wish, hope and prayer are that our school will grow from strength to strength as we continue to aspire for excellence in education.

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