Siparia Union Presbyterian Primary

Siparia Union Presbyterian Primary

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  • Address: Lalla Street, Siparia
  • Contact Information: Phone: 649-0831
  • Population: Student Population: 406; Teaching Staff: 21
  • Date Established: 1947
  • Our Mission:
    The mission of the Administration and Staff of Siparia Union Presbyterian School is EMPOWERMENT AND DEVELOPMENT. We work to Encourage & Empower each student to become a responsible citizen in our local, national and global society by providing challenging and dynamic educational programmes and activities that will develop intellectual, social, emotional and physical growth in a positive and supportive environment.
  • Message From Principal:


    principalI would like to take this opportunity to welcome you to Siparia Union Presbyterian Primary School.  As Principal, I invite you to a truly vibrant school community focused on student learning and a commitment to high expectations.

    At Siparia Union Presbyterian School, the staff is committed to working with parents and students collaboratively to best meet the needs of our students.  We are focused on being a safe, creative, challenging and fun place for students to grow and learn.  All teachers have high expectations for behaviour and achievement.  We continue to learn as a staff to make sure we are providing the best education possible to our students in order to prepare them for life beyond school.  I expect that our students will become well-rounded adults who are socially, physically, intellectually, emotionally and spiritually developed, contributing to our community as a result of their nurturing at Siparia Union Presbyterian Primary School.


  • History of School:


    By the turn of the nine.teenth century there were a number of Presbyterjan Schools and churches in the villages surrounding Siparia. The year 1930 saw a joint venture between Anglicans, Methodists and migrant Presby­ terian from Quarry Village and Fyzabad.

    This congregation worshipped in a cocoa shed made available at Alta Gatcia Trace,De Gannes Village. This joint venture conducted a small private schoo·l on a Methodist  pruperty at George Street Siparia. This private school was estabrished in January 1930  as the Siparia Union School under the  leadership of Mr. Claudius.

    By 1947 normal Presbyterian practice prevailed and the Siparia Union School came fully under the control of the Presbyterian Church. It was known as the Sipar1a Union C.M. School. The word Union was retained in order to reflect something of the origin and hi story of the institution. The school subsequently took up residence at the facilities on Lalla Street in 1947.The main building remains essentially as it was constructed in 1947.

    At the time it was advocated that all Canadian Mission (C.M.) Schools should be known as Presbyterian Schools and by the early nineteen
    fifties the  name Sipari a Union Presbyterian School was accepted.

    The best expression of the school is always to be found in its graduates and Siparia Union Presbyterian has sent out literally thousands of students into the world. A quick review of the past  eighty (80) years  would reveal former students in every area of life and endeavour. The Honourable Prime Minister Kamala Persad Bissessar and past Chief Education Officer Mr. Seepersad can boast of being past students of this institution.

    Students participate both in co-curricular and extra- curricular activities, all of which give an added dimension to the quality of work and life in the school. The Parent Teachers' Association (P.T.A.) must be  mentioned for  its  several undertakings. This group has given yeoman service over the years,
    Many retired Principals and Teachers have contributed to the great legacy of the school:

    Mr. Lionel J. Kelly, Mr. Frank A Seepersad,Mr. Harry Seepersad, Mr. Andrew Bullock, Mr. Winston Sankar,  Mr.  Harryram  Nanan, Mr. Ayrton Lalgee,Mrs.Tara Lalgee, Mrs.Verna Lum Kin,  Mrs. Susan  Jshmaei-Coolman and  Mrs. Savitrie Bullock. The school is presently under the leadership of Mr. Jerome Ramlakhan.

    Siparia Union  Presbyterian thus celebrates 83yrs with a  sense  of  achievement  and fulfilment. Certainly the future looks bright and with God's help and guidance this institution will continue to strive and at all times do the best for the children under  its  care  ever conscious of the Motto of the school
    "Perseverance Wins Success".

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    School Motto: Preserverance Wins Success

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