Guaico Presbyterian Primary

Guaico Presbyterian Primary

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  • Principal: Mrs. Indira Rambaran-Mohammed
  • Address: Eastern Main Road Guaico
  • Contact Information: Tel: 668-0644; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Population: Student Population: 717; Teaching Staff: 31
  • Date Established: 1898
  • Our Mission:
    To work collaboratively with all stakeholders to implement a relevant curriculum through varied instructional methods thereby producing resilient, innovative, responsible lifelong learners in an evolving global community.
  • Message From Principal:


    principalGuaico Presbyterian School is a Government Assisted Primary School situated on the Eastern Main Road in Guaico. It is a co-educational school with an average enrolment of 700 pupils and a teaching staff of 32 including the Principal, Vice Principal and 2 Heads of Department.

    Each day begins with worship guided by the basic tenets of the Presbyterian Faith and this is conducted by teachers both at the Infant and Standard Levels. The Minister attached to the Morton Memorial Presbyterian Church also assists twice per month. 

    Our ancillary staff comprises the Business Office Assistant and four cleaners. These personnel, together with the staff, guard, On the Job Trainees and the cafeteria vendor all work together to create a caring, loving and nurturing environment for our pupils. We inculcate sound moral and spiritual values and impress upon pupils the importance of discipline, family life and prayer.

    May Almighty God continue to bless Guaico Presbyterian School as we work together to build a better Trinidad and Tobago.


  • History of School:


    In his quest for expansion of education and evangelism, pioneer Presbyterian Canadian missionary, Rev. John Morton ventured to the East of Trinidad in 1891. He bought five acres of land on the Eastern Main Road, Guaico. On this site the Guaico Presbyterian School was established in 1898.

    Guaico Canadian Mission Indian School began with an enrolment of fifty-three pupils. As its good reputation grew, so did the school. The “Golden Years” were headed by the coming of Kenneth Emmanuel Mahase (1920-1953) and his wife, Anna Mahase (1920-1954). The standard of work qualified the school in 1944—1945 to be the best Primary School in the Eastern Division.

    The school was extended in 1904, 1926 and 1954 under the supervision of Dr. H.F. Swann and Mr. Kenneth Mahase (Snr.). George Allan Ramdath Persad replaced Mr. K.E. Mahase in 1953. As before, Ministers of religion and teachers ensured the continued success of the school.

    Mr. Lionel Mahadeo assumed the principal’s post in 1970. He stressed the importance of discipline and excellence, together with academic success. It was under his tenure that our school was nicknamed the “University of the East” because of its achievement in examinations.

    With the co-operation of parents, corporate citizens and teachers, an annex was built in 1973 without any financial assistance from the government. After Mr. Mahadeo’s retirement, three teachers acted as Principal 1 for short periods, namely Mr. John Kissoondath, Mr. Kennick Suepaul Snr. and Mrs. Jasso Dial.

    They were followed by Mrs. Lynette Mahadeo and under her astute leadership, the school saw another period of achievement. Upon her retirement in 1987, Mr. Harold Gayapersad was appointed followed by Mrs. Zera Ramcharan, Mrs. Sheila Dhanie and Mrs. Merle Boodoo who acted for short periods after Mr. Gayapersad, retired.

    Mrs. Claudette Ramnarine was appointed principal in 1991. Under her supervision, the construction of a new library was undertaken. She led the school in excelling at several music competitions. In 1998, the school celebrated its 100th Anniversary and this coincided with her vision to have a new wing for the school.  

    Upon Mrs. Ramnarine’s retirement in 2009, Mrs. Indira Rambaran-Mohammed assumed the role of acting principal and was appointed to the role of Principal Primary on April 12th 2010. She continued to seek the interest of the pupils and thus, with the assistance of the Ministry of Education, a pre-fabricated building was procured. This currently houses part of the infant department.

    Guaico Presbyterian Primary is well known for its academic achievements, its involvement in multicultural celebrations and extra - curricular activities. Our successes continue to be outstanding both at divisional and national levels.

    We salute all teachers, past and present, for providing dedicated service to our pupils and to the community over the years.

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