Milton Presbyterian Primary

Milton Presbyterian Primary

Additional Info

  • Principal: Mrs. Berylin Goberdhan
  • Address: 194 Rivulet Road, Couva
  • Contact Information: Telephone: 636-3291
  • Population: Student Population: 63; Teaching Staff: 2
  • Date Established: 1890
  • Our Mission:
    We are committed to providing a learning environment that will develop the knowledge, values, morals attitudes and skills of each child, regardless of his background and which will equip him to function as a productive member of society
  • History of School:


    The school was first built in 1890, under the supervision of the Presbyterian Minister Reverend Fulton Johnson Coffin. The original structure was a wooden building. Milton housed approximately four hundred pupils in its successful days. In 1970, the dilapidated condition of the building forced health officials to close the school. No provisions were made for alternative housing and teachers and pupils continued classes under several two – story residential properties in the community. They were later moved to the “Mule – Pen” a building not far away. Inadequate working conditions led many parents to transfer their children to neighbouring schools and teachers were deployed to other staffs. A waning number of pupils and staff were subsequently relocated to the assembly hall of the Balmain Presbyterian School.

    The new L – shaped structure was constructed and opened on Wednesday 16th June, 1982. By this time the population of the school had shrunk miserably and continued to lose pupils at an alarming rate. It was difficult to re – attract the parents of the community. Many continued to take their children to neighbouring schools. The children who populate the school today come from a low socio – economic background. Recently, in the late 1990’s the school was refurbished. It currently has a population of eighty – seven pupils and six teachers.

    Milton Presbyterian Primary School is unique in that the first female Principal – Mrs. Hannah Bhoopsingh was appointed to this school.

  • Additional School Info:


    Vision Statement: By the year 2015, we seek to empower pupils to acquire life skills to excel in a diverse technologically advanced world.

    Motto: Learning Enriches Living

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