Canaan Presbyterian Primary

Canaan Presbyterian Primary

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  • Principal: Ricky Pustam
  • Address: S.S. Erin Road, Duncan Village, San Fernando
  • Contact Information: Telephone: 769-4487; Fax: 652-7733
  • Date Established: 1895
  • Our Mission:
    To produce quality education in a safe environment through a variety of learning opportunities thereby empowering each child to make a positive contribution to society.
  • History of School:


    Canaan Presbyterian School has been in existence since 1895 when Sir Norman Lamont, proprietor of the Palmiste estate, built and handed over to Canadian pioneer Rev. Dr. Kenneth Grant of the San Fernando Congregation.   The school house 50 feet long by 30 feet was situated on the Canaan Estate about half-mile from the present school site with a capacity for fifty students. A few years later as the population increased, the building was re-located to its present location at Duncan Village, S.S Erin Road, next to Canaan Presbyterian Church. The structure was still wooden and the first principal was Mr. C F Sanowar of Vistabella.
    The present building was reconstructed in 1981 under the principalship of Mr. Emmanuel Bhola with a capacity for two hundred and seventy (270) students. It was officially opened by Minister of Education, Dr. Cuthberth Joseph.

    An annexe was constructed in 2011 with a capacity for one hundred and twenty  (120)students. The school’s present capacity is three hundred and ninety (390), but the number of pupils on roll at present is five hundred and twenty-one (521) and a teaching staff of twenty- one (21).
    At present there is an enrolment of 521   pupils comprising 287 boys and 224 girls, spread across 20 classes within the age range of 5 to 14 years. The teacher pupil ratio is 28 per class. In the infant department the ration of boys to girls is 2:1 where as the rest of the school is 1:1.  The daily average attendance of pupils is 94%. At the start of the academic year in September 2015, there was 0% drop out and repeaters accounted for 3% of the school population.

    The teaching staff of 23 teachers consists of 19 females and 4 males, and who are assisted by two (2 teacher assistant appointed by the Ministry of Science, Technology and Tertiary Education (STTE).There are 4 persons providing janitorial services to the school, and there is full time security guards provided 24 hours security services. Whilst all members of the teaching staff have been certified after having completed a two year training programme at teachers college where they obtained a teachers diploma, 72% of the staff have pursued further academic qualification and have obtained a Bachelor of Education degree. Most teachers are regular and punctual as they all reside within a 5 mile radius of the school.  
    There is the need for semi specialist and specialist teachers in the areas of mathematics, literacy and aesthetics. Also, attached to our school, we now have a Guidance Officer and a Social Worker who provide counseling for our at-risk students. This is done through a referral process.

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    Vision: To ensure that all the stakeholders in education work together to develop functional individuals in a dynamic environment



    To ensure that all the stakeholders in education work together to develop functional individuals in a dynamic environment

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