Chandernagore Presbyterian Primary

Chandernagore Presbyterian Primary

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  • Principal: Lisa Rampersad-Persaud
  • Address: School Street, Edinburgh Village
  • Contact Information: Telephone: 672-4244; Fax: 672-4244; Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Population: Staff: 15; Students: 238
  • Our Mission:
    To become a first choice school where there is a shared belief that every child can learn and is capable of making a meaningful contribution to society
  • History of School:


    Chandernagore Presbyterian School is located in Edinburgh Village, Chaguanas, on the Old Southern Main Road. To the west of the school is the Chandernagore Village and to the east is the Sir Solomon Hochoy Highway. Spanning further east is the Carlsen Field Village. This school is in close proximity to Chase Village and Chaguanas and is easily accessible to all.

    The institution is denominational and the present enrolment is made up of students between the ages of five to thirteen years. Approximately fifty percent (50%) of the population are children who come from homes where there are major socioeconomic issues. In this scenario, many of the parents do not see themselves as partners in the education process. They depend on the teachers to mould, nurture and educate their children.
    The school’s population encompasses students with varying degrees of abilities and behaviours. There are some students who display disruptive behaviours in the classroom; others demonstrate low concentration and/or seem demotivated and a proportionate number of students display both (disruptive behaviours and low concentration and motivation). Some of these students come from homes where there are, reportedly, domestic as well as parent-child issues. This is largely due to their socioeconomic situations.

    On the flip side, there are students who behave appropriately, are more highly motivated, whose parents show an interest in their education and are also involved in activities at school. These students excel during their time at the school.
    Considering the range of abilities, behaviours and socioeconomic situations of the school’s population the primary focus is the holistic development of all students. The school continues to do so by providing, and ensuring, that the students receive a sound educational foundation. This is evident in the outstanding work that the staff and students try to achieve and maintain in its curricular and co-curricular activities:
    First Aid Club – visited and treated children in Critical Bay JBF Ward Mount (toys games books)
    Judiciary – Mediation Board of Trinidad and Tobago Competition 2014/2015 – category of Art (first place) Ellaina Morris – Standard Four
    Sports –  PRESTA games overall winners at District and Nationals.

    The Vision and Mission statement visibly reflects the philosophy of the school which demonstrates a caring, diligent, stimulating and productive ethos that embraces all students, parents and visitors. Staff meetings are conducted once a month to plan for the effective running of the school. Parent-teacher meetings are conducted once per term and individual classes plan separate meetings with parents to keep them abreast with the curriculum and their children’s progress in class.
    Each child is introduced to a Religious Education programme that instils and indoctrinates desirable attitudes and values (truth, honesty, respect, etc.) among the students so that they can become acceptable members of society. Important religious services are held monthly with the school’s Chaplin.
    The school continues to perform efficiently and effectively in both the National Tests and the SEA. More importantly, this school plays a major role in the spiritual and academic growth and guidance, of students of Chandernagore Presbyterian Primary. Indeed the school continues to exemplify its Motto “Aspire and Achieve”. It is intended that each child must develop and maximise his /her academic potential so that he/she will be encouraged to go on to secondary, as well as tertiary levels of education.

    As ICT, Literacy and Numeracy are some of the major considerations in the new curriculum there is a greater focus and emphasis to infuse these throughout the school. Emphasis in these areas can also lend itself to developing critical and creative thinking skills, as well as help students maximize their academic potential. The infusion of these areas will help students develop skills, abilities and values critical to success in everyday life.

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    Vision: To provide a dedicated, and professional teaching/learning environment for the school; for school and community to work together to provide opportunities for students to be exposed to an appropriate curriculum specific to their learning needs and interests so that they can become literate, numerate, self-confident and responsible citizens of their country

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